Easy payday loans may ease your financial stress

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There may be one month when you just cannot get your finances to stretch and you find yourself short of money. Of course, this is a huge worry. So what may be a quick fix solution? Getting approved for a traditional loan could take several weeks and involves larger sums of money. But if you are looking for a smallish amount to tide you over (say around $100 – $1000), then you may wish to turn to easy payday loans in Arizona as a way of getting through until your next pay cheque arrives.

What is a payday loan?

Easy payday loans differ from traditional loans. With a “normal” loan:

– you apply to borrow a sum of money (from $500 upwards though with some lenders it could be a minimum of $1000);
– and for a set period of time (typically from 1 – 5 years for unsecured loans, and more for secured lending);
– the whole process, from application to receiving the money (if your application is accepted) could take several weeks.

With a payday loan you:

– apply to borrow a smaller sum of money (around $100 – $500 though some payday loan providers may offer slightly higher amounts);
– for a shorter period of time – usually until your next payday;
– the whole process, from an online payday loan application to receiving the money (if your application is accepted) could take just two hours (subject to your bank accepting immediate transfers).

Payday loans in USA may also be available for people who have experienced financial difficulty in the past, so bad credit payday loans may be option if you need short-term cash, and fast.

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